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Frequently Asked Questions

'Frequently Asked Questions' provides you with all the information you need to know about the KC Tools brand and product range. Simply click on the topics and questions below and you will be taken to the relevant information. If your question isn't covered in the below sections try searching with the search facility or contact KC Tools in your local area.

How do I make a claim for a product covered by the exclusive KC Tools "Hassle Free" Warranty?

See your nearest KC Tools distributor OR refer the warranty information contained on this site. 

What does the exclusive KC Tools "Hassle Free" Warranty Cover and for how long?

'KC Tools Professional Quality Tools®' products are covered by the exclusive 'KC Tools ‘Hassle-Free Warranty'. For more information about the exclusive KC Tools ‘Hassle-Free Warranty' please click here.

Where are KC Tools Manufactured?

KC Tools products are sourced from throughout the world. All products are manufactured to KC Tools high specifications and quality standards. Countries of manufacture are found throughout the Asia-Pacific region. 

Is KC Tools a Manufacturer?

KC Tools is a Distributor of products to the Mining, Automotive, Electrical, Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Home Handyman, Farming and Agriculture retail and trade markets. KC Tools does not manufacture product, however we source our products from the best manufacturers to ensure a high standard of quality product is supplied to satisfy our customer’s requirements. To find out more product information, please visit our Product Catalogue page.

What other Brands does KC Tools Distribute?

KC Tools distributes only KC Tools and ProAm Quality Tools. To find out more information about these brands please refer to our Product Catalogue.

Who are KC Tools?

To find out more about KC Tools, please see “About Us” from the search. 

How can I get a copy of the KC Tools Product Catalogue?

Click here to view the KC Tools Product Catalogue or email marketing@kctools.com.au including your name and postal address and we will mail a catalogue to you.

If I want more information about how to use a particular KC Tools product, who do I contact?

You can contact your local state KC Tools distributor. For a full list of distributors please click here.

Where can I purchase KC Tools Products?

KC Tools can be purchased from any of the retailers listed on this website. Click here to see a list of helpful retailers.